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Are you an employer seeking help regarding employment matters? Are your employees on the verge of unionization and you’re unsure of where to go? Let Koppekin Consulting Inc. guide you through all matters of union relations and employee concerns. Koppekin Consulting Inc. provides excellent results at a reasonable cost.

About Koppekin Consulting

Stephen M. Koppekin is the founder and CEO of Koppekin Consulting Inc. Stephen has 45+ years of direct experience working with clients and companies. Koppekin understands the importance of practicality and patience when dealing with employment problems. Koppekin Consulting Inc. specializes in negotiating contracts, collective bargaining agreements, handling grievances, and all matters dealing with employment.

Koppekin has worked with clients on restructuring their business to operate more efficiently in a heavily unionized environment. Additionally, Koppekin Consulting will work with attorneys in handling employment cases by supplying information on various employment situations.

Whether it be union management or non-union employee situations, the goal of consulting is to achieve favorable results for clients at reasonable costs. Stephen has an incredible record; he’s solved a strike within five hours of receiving the initial phone call.

Koppekin Consulting: A Practical Approach

Practicality is at the heart of Stephen M. Koppekin’s lifelong success. Why hire a firm to handle your employee matters when you could approach the situation from an expert in the field of union management.

Stephen prides himself on his long standing relationships with various unions. He’s focused his efforts on developing working relationships based on trust and open communication. This unique opportunity has provided him with a wealth of experience that guides his approach to this day.

Meet Stephen  

Stephen is more than an expert in labor relations, he’s a dedicated father and grandfather, with a rich history of hard work and dedication. Stephen believes in the power of an education, both on the streets, and scholastically. Born in New Jersey, he supported himself through college after a construction accident landed him unconscious in the hospital. This wake-up call launched Stephen into his successful career where he’s devoted time and energy into resources so others can follow in his path.

A long-time resident of Los Angeles, Stephen M. Koppekin is an active member in several local charities and enjoys spending time with his family and friends. As the founder of Koppekin Consulting Inc., Stephen’s passion for work and resolving conflict goes unmatched.

Reach Out

If you are interested in hiring Koppekin Consulting Inc., you can contact Stephen directly via email at Stephen@KoppekinConsulting.com. Stephen is happy to answer any questions regarding his services or experience.

Stephen Koppekin