Beginning in June 2019 Employers in Massachusetts will have a new obligation under the Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical leave (MPFML) provisions. The MPFML requires employers of ONE or more employees in Massachusetts to post a Department issued Notice outlining workers entitlements and protections under the law. Further written notice MUST be provided to all employees by June 1,2019 and to new employees ,after that date, within 30 days of employment. Any employer who fails to comply with the notice provision will be subject to fines.The benefits will be funded thru a 0.63%of earnings up to the $132k social security limit (employers less than 25   employees are exempt from the contribution but must collect and send the employee contributions  and must comply with all other aspects of the MPFML) .Leave is granted for up to 26 weeks paid leave in a benefit year as follows: Family leave not to exceed 12 weeks,.Medical leave not to exceed 20 weeks  and both combined not to exceed 26 weeks. Some key differences between the existing Federal FMLA and the MPFML are :compensation is given under the MPFML and not under the FMLA. As an employer under the FMLA you must comply if you have 50 or more employees within 75 miles of the worksite.Under the MPFML your obligation sets in if you employ ONE (1)employee in Massachusetts .Another difference                                         is that under the FMLA “key employees ” are not covered  while they are covered under the MPTFL..Employers should        consider updating their employees handbooks setting forths these new MPFML rights ……for further information please contact Koppekin Consulting Inc .