Labor unions have a unique perspective to offer businesses and customers alike. They have strict guidelines, as to how to conduct themselves, while also providing a certain level of service that is considered elite tier. Labor unions have the opportunity to not only showcase their insights as a collective group, but also to broadcast to a large audience who may be buyers of your products or services. In order for labor unions to showcase themselves as active in the community, highly knowledgeable, and attractive to businesses, customers, and potential hires, labor unions should ban together to provide the following types of services to the public.

1) Implement Email Marketing

Programs like MailChimp and Constant Contact provide great tools for people who are looking to be in contact with a mass amount of people. As email is the best way to get people’s attention online, even more so than social media platforms, this is one powerful method for getting in touch with your potential customers. Thus employers should foster good relationships with unions. The union could then provide the following types of information in your emails to help your marketing campaign. Your most important point in these emails should be providing a clear call to action. Depending on what you want customers to do when they view your emails, your tactics may vary. Here is some other information you can provide to your viewership.

Make followers aware of exclusive promotions only available to them, because they receive mass emails from you.
Offer in-depth reports, discussing industry knowledge and metrics that you do not share with others who only view your website and not these emails.
Give viewers an out; provide a clear unsubscribe option in the email.

2) Make Website Updates

A perfect way to show the world that you are a thought leader is to have regular blog posts published. These blog topics should not only cover unique and eye-catching topics of interest, such as trending news or hyper-specific, niche topics, but also content that is evergreen, or always true. To make yourself a thought leader, you need to provide even the most basic of information about your industry to your audience so that they not only go to you for special topics, but also every other topic related to your industry. This will make you the one-stop hub for all your viewers.

3) Host Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops

Hosting these large events, whether strictly online or live in person, can create a buzz around your business for years to come. By providing regular events for the public to engage in gives them the tip that you are a company to watch. It tells them that you not only wish to serve them with your services, but also your industry knowledge.

4) Get Input

Responses to mass emailing from a union will give an employer great insight as to what works and what needs to be improved. It will serve as a great marketing tool with little or no cost. Once you get union to understand, which most already do, that supporting your products and services keeps people employed. This is good for both the union and the employer.

Labor unions are equipped to provide much more than just services for employers; they have the ability to distinguish themselves as thought leaders across the nation. For more knowledge and insights on how to distinguish your organization as a thought leader, reach out to me at the bottom of this page, and I will be happy to help you!