Everyone wants to find a job that they love, but beyond that, they want something that will help them to pay the bills: This is especially true in an age when jobs are increasingly available but wages have barely budged. So, for anyone in the midst of a job hunt and on the lookout for the opportunities with the greatest earnings potential, the jobs and employment website Glassdoor has studied salary reports across dozens of job titles to distill a list of the highest-paying jobs in America as of September 2017.

  1. UX Designer

User experience designers are critical in helping users navigate the internet, software programs, and other technologies. They work with teams to help make sure the product is accessible, easy to use, and fun for consumers.

Median Base Pay: $77,994

  1. Systems Engineer

Systems engineers are IT specialists that are primarily responsible for maintaining hardware or computer networks and improving their efficiency.

Median Base Pay: $78,514

  1. Software Engineer

We have software engineers to thank for the apps and programs that we use everyday. These professionals develop applications for computers and smartphones that power just about every element of modern life.

Median Base Pay: $85,806

  1. Professor

Professors spend their days teaching students on a wide range of subjects, typically on college or university campuses.

Median Base Pay: $87,244

  1. Project Manager

While the specifications for this position vary wildly across industries, in general terms, project managers tend to spearhead initiatives and see all phases through to completion.

Median Base Pay: $91,035

  1. Attorney

Lawyers and attorneys represent individuals, businesses, and other agencies in legal matters and provide guidance on how to comply with the law.

Median Base Pay: $93,920

  1. Tax Manager

When tax season comes around, tax managers help to prepare and file essential documents and provide other services.

Median Base Pay: $94,180

  1. Data Scientist

Data science is an interdisciplinary field, and data scientists use their skills to help businesses derive insights and solve complex problems based on broad sets of statistical information.

Median Base Pay: $95,624

  1. Solutions Architect

Solutions architects help analysts and developers come together to turn ideas into practical fixes to problems within software or other applications.

Median Base Pay: $102,184

  1. Pharmacist

Key players in the medical industry, pharmacists provide patients with prescribed medications and can even facilitate certain medical screenings or offers of information.

Median Base Pay: $127,506