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Stephen Koppekin Consulting, Inc. has one overarching mission: to provide a wide range of labor and employment consulting in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Stephen Koppekin’s Approach

Stephen Koppekin dedicates himself to providing top-quality results for small to mid-size companies (both entertainment and non-entertainment). He works with companies’ management teams to establish the best short-term and long-term methods for a broad spectrum of labor and employment issues.

Stephen Koppekin is experienced in all levels of industrial relations, from helping companies schedule and staff employees to economically and expeditiously resolving company strikes and other labor disputes. He has successfully and efficiently represented clients in labor dispute settlements, planned and strategized employment matters, crafted and managed employee handbooks, and presided over symposiums for both management and labor on grievance resolution to avoid arbitrations. He also successfully negotiates New Media Agreements, in which he has over thirty years of industry experience.


Stephen’s career found its humble beginnings in a New Jersey factory. He worked on the floor of the factory, which took oil from docked ships and turned it into Crisco, when one day, a two by four plank of wood struck his head, only leaving him to wake up hours later in a nearby hospital. This incident had such a profound impact on him that it changed the course of his life forever. Having lived through this incident, Stephen knew that he needed to use this opportunity to achieve great things for himself moving forward. Nothing was going to stop him from living life to the fullest. So, after enrolling in and graduating from Fairleigh Dickinson University in the early 1960’s, Koppekin joined the law program at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Alfred W. Blumrosen, the first Director of Conciliation and a law professor at Rutgers University, worked with Stephen during his tenure in law school there.  Stephen had great success working on a project with him and an associate.  The project was a gravely important case backlog in the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights.  Stephen wowed everyone as he trimmed a filer’s “waiting time” down to forty days.  This is notable because it used to take nine months.  This experience struck Stephen profoundly.  He thought to himself, “There must be situations like these in every company and organization across the globe.  Maybe I could make a deep impact on companies moving forward by streamlining the process of handling such cases fairly and efficiently.

Stephen Koppekin began his career in economics, branched out into law, and finally transitioned into the niche that combined the two specialties: labor and employment. He worked at the National Labor Relations Board before joining CBS where he spent thirteen years and ultimately became the Vice President in Negotiating Services and Labor Relations. He was primarily responsible for all internal employment and labor disputes, and he negotiated collective bargaining agreements on behalf of the corporation.


Following his tenure at CBS in New York Stephen continued to make strides in the labor and employment industry in Los Angeles. He bargained the first area standards agreement that covered motion picture crews outside of Los Angeles. He bargained the first Basic Cable agreement for the industry. He also negotiated and ended two Writer’s Guild of America industry-wide strikes, all while continuing to maintain solid working relationships with unions and guilds across industries.

Stephen Koppekin’s Method of Consulting

Stephen uses his professional expertise to help his clients understand the complex world of business and create better workplaces for themselves and their employees. He is dedicated to his work as a consultant in the California area and he balances it with a diverse set of philanthropic activities in his spare time.

Stephen’s hallmark leadership style relies on his commitment to communication. To Stephen, the foundation of any deal is built on trust. How does one accrue trust quickly and effectively? For an industry leader like Stephen, trust is forged through careful considerations and a dedication to the partnership at hand. This is the best way to achieve the deal that satisfies the majority of the parties. Stephen’s strong communication skills have propelled him to success in all of the ventures he’s undertaken. What are the three tenets of communication? One must be consistent, empathetic, and open minded.

How does Stephen utilize these tenets. To start, he makes frequent visits and calls to cement the emerging partnership. Meeting with the other party early and often is an excellent way to build a relationship. Next, Stephen encompasses both an empathetic and open minded attitude throughout the process. What are the current problems? What can be negotiated? What other areas of the business could be reevaluated?

A Life-Long Focus

This is the heart of Stephen’s work and success. As a consultant, he’s quick to listen and even faster at outlining the true root of any deal or complaint. Stephen’s strong relationships with various union groups are a testament to his strong, communicative style.


Stephen Koppekin is also a dedicated philanthropist who champions a number of important causes. He is a longtime member of the Anti-Defamation League, a nonprofit organization that fights anti-Semitism and bigotry, as well as the California chapter of the Jewish Federations of North America. Stephen has also supported the Los Angeles Jewish Home, and he regularly attends his local temple, where he is an active member of the community.

Recently, Stephen Koppekin was named King–otherwise known as chairman of the board–of the The Valley Jesters, an organization that sponsors social meetings, golf outings, and other events and donates the proceeds to charities, especially the Junior Blind of America; Stephen appointed Harvey Turell as his crown prince, or second in command, and next year, Harvey will take over for Stephen and appoint his own crown prince. Stephen Koppekin is also involved with the Heartbeat of Hollywood Golf Event Committee, which organizes the annual Heartbeat of Hollywood Golf Classic to raise money for the Motion Picture and Television Fund (MPTF).

In addition to being an entrepreneur and labor relations expert, Stephen Koppekin is also a devoted husband, father, and grandfather; he enjoys spending as much time with his grandchildren as possible, especially attending sporting events with them. To Stephen, taking on each day with a sense of purpose and conviction is the secret to enjoying a healthy, successful, and satisfying life.

Stephen Koppekin is the founder and CEO of Koppekin Consulting, Inc. An experienced former executive who spent decades overseeing industrial relations and workplace safety for major businesses in the entertainment industry, Stephen started his own independent consulting business shortly after retiring. He uses 43 years of experience in labor and employment, during which time he worked at two major entertainment corporations and in government agency National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), to support a diverse client set.

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